Working with residents of Boston to preserve stable and adequate housing since 1812

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer financial support to residents in the city of Boston, intervening to prevent evictions and utility shutoffs.  We envision a world in which every person has access to stable and adequate shelter.​

10,000 +

Households we have worked with

2-4 weeks

Typical turnaround time for housing funds 

200 years +

We have been supporting the Boston community

When given financial assistance to stay in their home in times of crisis, individuals and families are 10x more likely to stabilize and support themselves.

We offer support when timing is critical

We enable stability in housing, when it matters most for individuals and families in Boston.  We understand the weight of the burden that a housing crisis can cause for a household and the urgency needed in response. We work hard to provide financial help to keep our clients in their homes.

Your action leads to relief for someone who needs it

Every donation helps keep families and individuals in their homes.

1 in 4 lower income renting American families are spending over 70% of their income on rent and utilities. It doesn’t take much of an emergency to throw things off and fall behind.

Eviction stays on your record for many years, making it hard to break the cycle.

Every donation helps keep families and individuals in their homes. We are privately operated which enables us to assist and stabilize housing much faster than some other agencies. The speed of support is critical in keeping individuals and families at home during a time of crisis.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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What are our clients saying?

“It meant so much to my family and me during difficult times to receive not only financial support but thoughtfulness in helping us maintain our housing.”
Marie in Dorchester
"This was a lifeline when I was in dire straits. Response was in a timely manner, and I was offered a solution to a temporary problem that I needed some help with."
Sheila in Roxbury